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Welcome to my website!

Always under construction!!

You know what they say, all toasters toast toast!

About Me:

You can call me Lily! I am a college student who likes to draw what they're interested in!

My main interests are Mario, Deltarune, and my Original Characters!

A few of my other interests are Professor Layton, CBS Elementary, and My Little Pony.

If you are interested in my original characters and want to see more, check out my Toyhouse!

All of my other accounts can be found in the External Links bar below. Please note that I am inactive on a lot of these though. It happens!

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External Links!

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I'm not as active on these ones here:

Art Tumblr Youtube Instagram DeviantArt

I haven't finished any part of my webcomic yet, but you can check out the website! It's a work in progress!

The Galaxy Gazette - Webcomic

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yes I have a kofi account but I SERIOUSLY need to update it because it is horribly out of date. lmao.