Lily Tritoon's Cool Friends :3



These are my blorbos... You may have seen me post about them once or twice or even more than that.

Might add blurbs about why I like these characters or even like, more pics later.

semi-organized by how much I talk or think about them.

yes i will be drawing goofy pngs by mouse for everyone here i think it'll be funnie XD

THE faves of all time

These guys have been on my mind for far too long lmao.

no i will not be apologizing it is what it is :P

good luck mario. he wishes you well. AAAAAAAaAAAAAAAA

!!!! ^w^

I like to rotate these characters in my brain a lot

every puzzle has an answer. the power of personal website shines within you.
characters to add: sherlock holmes, joan watson

i love you

i do not talk about these ones often but just know they do occupy brain space

baby girl. baby good luck luigi. he wants you to succeed
noelle holiday, sailor jupiter, sailor mercury, luke triton, lapis lazuli, sniper tf2, marta cabrera, benoit blanc, alley cat webkinz

i just think they're neat!

just good :3

omg miffy hi!!!
tails, grey and white cat lil'kinz, shining stars white cat, berdly deltarune

i like a lot of plushes but the ones i listed on this page i think are the ones i love the most